Does AAFES Shop My Exchange Have Coupons?

Are you looking for valid AAFES (Army and Air Force Exchange Service) Coupons? Well, in this article we attempt to address your problem by researching and reporting on any existing promo codes and discounts at the AAFES shop (Shop My Exchange).

Does AAFES have Coupons?

Yes, AAFES has several valid coupons that members of the armed forces can use to redeem discounts on a variety of products.

Since these coupons keep on changing, we try to update this post regularly to include and add only the AAFES coupon codes that work most of the time.

AAFES Coupon Policy

AAFES accepts all valid coupons as long as the redeeming process abides by the Shop My Exchange rules, as well as the DOD regulations. AAFES allows using more than one coupon on a single purchase.

However, this may be limited in circumstances where the coupon has associated conditions such as “cannot be combined with any other offer”

It is also worth noting here that military store coupons for tobacco are not accepted at AAFES because the DOD prohibits the use of such.

AAFES Coupon Codes (Shop My Exchange)

The redeemable AAFES coupons and discount codes for [m] [y] include:

AAFES Printable Coupons

These are also referred to as Downloadable or Print-at-home coupons. They can be downloaded and printed by the customer independently before being used at the Shop My exchange store.

These coupons are governed by certain terms and conditions which include:

  1. You must purchase items that are identical to the coupon description.
  2. The coupon may be printed in either full-color or black-and-white.
  3. The coupon must have a clear description, expiration date, scannable bar code, and a valid remit address.

AAFES 50% Off Coupon

This coupon guarantees 50% off saving on select clearance items at Shop My Exchange (AAFES).

20% AAFES (Shop My Exchange) Coupons

This coupon guarantees saving of up to a fifth of the price of some items at the shop.

Some of the product-specific coupons under this category include:

  • 20% off watches and jewelry – offered online only
  • 20% off select Men’s Tech Fleece Top & Pants
  • 20% off Martha Stewart Collection Rugs and Linen
  • 20% off Select Sander Furniture
  • 20% off Stanley Hand Tools
  • 20% off all Godiva Chocolates
  • 20% Off Simply Perfect Classic Geo Bed in a bag
  • 20% off Bedding
  • 20% of Toddler & Infant underwear, Tights, and Socks

25% AAFES Coupons

This offer guarantees savings of up to 25% or a quarter of the total item price for all qualifying items at the Shop My exchange store.

Like the previous coupon, any one of these promotions may be combined with other price-match adjustments as long as it is not prohibited in the description.

Some of the product-specific promo codes in this category include:

  • 25% off American Republic Shirt
  • 25% off All Men’s Buxton & Dockers Leather Wallets
  • Up to 25% Select Workout Supplements
  • 25% Off Dockers and Nautica Men’s Short assorted
  • 25% Off Samsonite Luggage

Shop My Exchange Price Match Policy

Does AAFES Price Match? Yes, AAFES (Shop My Exchange) does price match local competitors. An individual can therefore combine a manufacturer coupon with the price match adjustment.

It should be noted that when both manufacturer coupons and price adjustments are applied to an item, the hierarchy detects that the price adjustment must be implemented first, then followed by the coupon.

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