AAFES Shop My Exchange Weekly Ads & Specials

AAFES (Shop My Exchange) offers discount flyers weekly for customers who wish to make great savings on weekly deals and specials

Here we list the latest weekly ads, specials, and deals on a variety of commodities sold at the Army and Air Force Exchange facilities, Partner stores, and through the online portal at shopmyexchange.com

AAFES Weekly Ads [y]

For the month of [m] the latest weekly specials you can take advantage of include:

One day sale – 20% off Engagement & Wedding Jewelry

Are you planning to wed or get engaged any time soon? Well, this special is for you.

With this deal, you can save something substantial on the regular prices of wedding and engagement accessories such as rings.

It is time you went for that diamond ring!

12-month Deal – 0% Interest and no Payments for Electronics

Under this deal, customers receive 0% interest and no payments for a year (12 months) on electronic goods. The brands included in this weekly special ads are Sony, LG, Vizio, Samsung, and Hisense.

It should be noted that the electronic purchases must cost at least $699 for the customers to qualify for this deal

This offer involves the use of the MILITARY STAR Card.

Exclusions here include Sony Play Station consoles & Games, and smartphones from brands such as LG, Sony, Samsung. Also, major household appliances are excluded from this deal

0% Interest + No Payment for 12 months on Sporting Goods

If you are looking to shop sporting gear and goods at the Shop My Exchange (AAFES) stores, then you need to consider this deal.

The deal is valid till the end of April [y] at AAFES facilities including the online portal shopmyexchange.com

Please note that the commodities must be purchased through a single $699 transaction.

The acceptable goods and commodities are bikes, golf equipment, team sports equipment, marine & water sports equipment, fitness equipment, hunting gear, camping tools, and fishing accessories

This deal requires the Military Star Card.

0% Interest on Major Appliances

Take this opportunity and get a major appliance for your home.

This offer is valid till the end of April for orders valued at $499 or more.

The benefits are reduced when one uses the Military Star Card to make purchases at the Army and Air Force Exchange facilities, or at the shopmyexchange.com website.

If you are wondering what the Military Star Card transactions cost, then please check the next paragraph

Retail plan purchases have a variable 10.24% APR, whereas those with penalized accounts  have a variable APR of 18.24%

0% Financing for Vehicle Down payment

Under this deal, one can get interest-free financing for vehicle down payments for a period of 1 year (12 months).

This offer expires at the end of April [y]

The acceptable transactions made through the Military Star Card must range between $500 and $3500.

The deal is facilitated by the Military Auto Service (MAS).


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