Does ALDI Take Food Stamps: SNAP & EBT?

ALDI is a grocery store, that focuses on lowering prices by selling products in smaller quantities. This approach has allowed Aldi to grow over the years and expand outside of Germany.

In 1988, they began expanding into the international market with stores in Sweden and Ireland. Shortly thereafter, they expanded by opening several stores in the United States starting in 1998.

As of April 2016, Aldi has 1,600 stores across 34 states and accounts for nearly 3% of America’s grocery market share. In this post, we explore whether Aldi accepts/takes food stamps (SNAP).

Does Aldi Accept Food Stamps?

Yes, Aldi accepts food stamps (SNAP) as one of the payment methods. This means anyone eligible for the SNAP benefits would qualify for discounted groceries at the Aldi store outlets

A number of stores in the United States, such as Aldi, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

These benefits are used to buy nutritious foods that are not government-supported because they are too expensive or out of season for example.

They supplement what individuals can purchase with their own funds that do not qualify for SNAP eligibility due to high monthly income levels or because they might come from resources outside of the home like child support, veteran’s disability checks, or social security retirement benefits.

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Does Aldi Take EBT Cards?

Yes, Aldi accepts EBT as a checkout method in stores and online, to facilitate the customers’ benefits from the SNAP program.

EBT cards are the primary way through which food stamp benefits reach the intended parties. Remember you can also read about other accepted payment methods accepted at ALDI stores in the US, UK, and Europe.

Does Aldi Accept WIC?

No, Aldi does not accept WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program in which Women, Infants, and Children are offered milk, cheese, eggs, cereals, peanut butter, and other essential food items to women, infants, and children.

WIC Nutrition benefits make participating in the program worthwhile.

You get inexpensive, nutritious foods that you and your family can eat together; then when you go to buy groceries, you’ll be able to choose from a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains because they’re not as expensive.

Participants also often receive coupons for free or reduced-price items at local grocery stores. WIC benefits are available only to mothers with preschool-age children who meet income guidelines.

If you would like to find Aldi’s alternatives that accept WIC benefits, then consider checking out the other grocery stores.

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