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Does Big Y Sell Postage Stamps?

Big Y is a relatively small retailer in the US that sells a variety of products for the home. Here, we explore whether you can buy postage stamps at the store.

So, does Big Y sell postage stamps?

Yes, but not in the store. Big Y has partnered with Shippo so customers can print their postage for an extra fee at checkout on their phone or use a service like Amazon.

Big Y Postage Stamps Policy

As already stated, Big Y sells postage stamps through partners. This means the stamps you get may not originate from Big Y’s own stores.

There is a common misconception people have about using any kind of online service that charges more than printing it themselves at home: “Big Y would save money by just giving me my own stamp.”

While you are charged an additional fee when purchasing postage through them since they charge per envelope instead of per item shipping in question is priced separately, it’s relatively cheaper to buy stamps from them!

My Personal Experience with Big Y

I am about to tell you why I love the Big Y store. The first thing I want to mention is that they have a wide variety of products, which is something that many stores don’t offer.

They also have great deals on produce and meat. But what really sets them apart from other grocery stores is their customer service policies.

This includes not only cashiers but also employees stocking shelves or preparing food in the back kitchen area.

Every employee greets me with a smile, asks how my day has been and tries to help if they can when I’m looking for something specific on the shelf or for an item at the checkout counter.

There are so many reasons why Big Y is my favorite place to shop – come find out more!