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Where to Buy Stamps in the UK – Online, Shops & Post Office

Online UK Stamps

Looking for where to buy stamps in the UK? Well, here, I explore the many places you can purchase your favorite stamps in Europe, specifically the United kingdom.

While most of our articles have focused on the US, it is important to note that stamp collection in the UK is as serious as it is in the US.

Where Can You Buy Stamps UK

Here are some of the common places you can buy stamps in the United Kingdom:

Post Office Shop

The post office is one of the many shops in London and other major cities in the country selling stamps.

They have many Google links including a postcode search where you can put ‘Post Office London’ to find more information about their products and services and locations you can buy these stamps.

Most of their hundreds of post office shops offer 1st class stamps. To easily locate a post office, visit this website: You can also a branch finder put on their logo to get a place you can buy the stamps.

Sometimes Ryman’s stationery shop normally has a post office such as the one inside Marylebone High St.

Your Hotel

If you are near or staying in a hotel, try asking if they sell stamps. You may be surprised that they have some for sale. However, the cost may vary from that of the post office or other established outlets.

You just need to ask if they have a postcard to the place you want such as to Europe.

Souvenir Shops

Other than newsagents and post offices, you can buy your stamp at souvenir shops. This kind of workshop can easily be located across the major cities in the country.

IME News Agents

Unlike post office outlets where you can get any kind of stamps you need, at this newsagent and others of the same type, they only sell a few such products.

Some of the stamps one is likely to find at these places include inland 2nd and 1st class stamps. Sometimes, you may find them in booklets of 12 or 6.

Also, the cost of second-class stamps may be somehow above the normal rate. For instance, they sell a postcard at approximately SEK 9 or £0.97.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores may also be a good place to purchase stamps. In The UK, you can purchase stamps in supermarkets such as Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda, and Sainsbury’s.

Royal Mail Group

This is one of the most prominent places where you can buy stamps in the country. They are spread across the country and you can try their website to find out more about where and at how much.

Buy International Stamps UK

The United Kingdom offers a wide range of international postage stamps. They sell them in rolls, sheets, and books online from retail outlets including in a post office.

You can pay for your ordinary International Standard parcels and letters with stamps upon request after placing your order from the post office near you.

Their online services have made it easier for purchasing stamps. Here is more information you may want to know about buying stamps in the country:

Buy US Stamps in the UK

United States stamps are found online or near the post office in the United Kingdom.  Online places selling these postage stamps include CVS, Walmart, or Amazon shop.

Buy Canadian Stamps in the UK

Canadian stamps can’t be bought in the United Kingdom. Instead, you can find international reply coupons which you can exchange for the Canadian stamps. However, this process will be very costly.

Buy French Stamps in the UK

The local United Kingdom post office may certainly sell French used internally. However, you may make inquiries at the town hall. You will be told if you can send your envelope by sending payment for the postage.

Buy Irish Stamps in the UK

Buy Irish stamps online in the United Kingdom from the website of the post office. They ship such packages to locations beyond the ROI. But, you also have the option of buying older and used Irish stamps for their collection on eBay.

Buy Stamps in the UK

Finding a post office branch in London is easy. Other stores selling postage stamps in the United Kingdom do so at the cashiers’ desk at both Waitrose and Sainsbury.  Tesco sells them from cigarette kiosks.

Newsagents including some corner shops and WH Smith stock these stamps as well.

How to Buy Stamps in the UK

You can purchase stamps from most of the places mentioned above including a post office branch or via their online shops. What you need is to find the nearest outlet to shop for single value stamp sheets such as £1, 10p, and 1p.

They are also sold in the form of stamp rolls, second-class and first-class stamp sheets, and stamp books.

Buy Postage Stamps Online UK

At both Royal Mail Shop in the United Kingdom, you can buy postage stamps online. The post office shops also offer similar services.

These two places are the most popular places known to have online platforms for selling these products. You will find the two classes of stamp sheets.

They also have international sheet stamps sold at international postal rates. Personalized stamps such as birthday cards are also found here.

They have first-class stamp collection accessories designed to ensure you deliver your product in a world-class condition.

Collectible stamps sold online are uniquely marked with British moments ranging from Pink Floyd to Star Wars.

How to Buy UK Stamps Online

Buy postage from any location in the country and get it delivered on time at these shops. The fee is paid online as well.

Cost of First Class Stamp UK

In the United Kingdom, the cost of the first-class stamp differs from one place to the other. For s large letter postage stamp, most shops will sell starting from 98p while the ordinary one goes at about 65p.

A medium parcel stamp is sold online from £5.65 and £5.70 in the physical outlets.

For a small parcel, be ready to part with about £3.35 if bought online and £3.35 across the counter.

In February this year, Royal Mail Shop increased the prices for its 2nd and 1st class stamps to sustain its service to customers. According to them, unlike other European PA, the United Kingdom stamps represented good value to warrant the increase in price.

The changes led to the rise of the first-class stamp to 65p, a 1p increase. The price for their 2nd class stamp rose by 1p as well to 56p.

FAQs on Buying Stamps in the UK

Here are a few facts about the most asked questions on buying stamps in the United Kingdom:

Can I Buy UK Stamps in Ireland?

Yes, but only online through Royal Mail. Other agents selling the same products including the post office do not sell United Kingdom stamps in Ireland.

How much is a Stamp in Europe?

On average, the cost of a 1st Class stamp is 87p in Europe while that of an average 2nd class stamp is approximated to be 67p.

How much is a First Class Stamp?

The stamp price for a large 1st class letter across the shops in the United Kingdom including the Royal Mail and post office physical and online outlets is about 98p.

Can I Buy UK Stamps in the US?

Of course yes! You can purchase United Kingdom stamps if you are staying in the United States. The best thing you have is the Royal Mail. They sell regular United Kingdom stamps on their website, and their shipping cost is pretty cheap.

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