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Buy Stamps Online & Print: AU, US, UK, USPS & Amazon

Buy stamps online UK US AU

Get informed on how to buy stamps online in bulk from the many stamp sellers near you.

Where can you buy stamps online? Can I buy stamps and print them without having to go to the post office? What are the best places to buy stamps and print online?

Well, many stamp-sellers usually provide means to order the stamps remotely.

This article will explore such stores and merchants which provide means to order these collectibles through their website and deliver them to customers in UK, India, Singapore, Canada, US, Australia, and many other countries.

Therefore, I examine how people in Australia, the US, and the UK can buy stamps online from sites such as,,, and, and print out stamps online.

Can you Buy Stamps Online?

At times driving out to go queue up in the nearest post office or battling traffic to your nearest vendor to buy a stamp may not seem convenient.

There is the convenient option of buying stamps online either from USPS or other authorized vendors distributed throughout the country.

Most of these vendors are your everyday stores such as Walmart and Kroger.

Depending on the vendor, an additional advantage of buying stamps online is obtaining your copies in the comfort of your home.

Can I Buy Stamps Online and Print?

Printing your own stamps has traditionally been out of the question when it comes to obtaining stamps. That is now the past.

You can buy stamps online through your credit card or online money processor and print them at home.

Each of the stamps you print comes with an IIRC code that will be updated to the date you print them. Good enough, some online stamps do come with attractive discounts.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Stamps Online?

Saving costs on stamps should not necessarily mean buying them in bulk, for instance, sheets of 20 stamps each.

Depending on the vendor, buying stamps online could save you stamp costs by up to 25% compared to buying physically from a USPS-authorized vendor.

Otherwise, you may decide to stick with the bulk option to save cost per stamp even further.

Requirements for Purchasing Stamps Online

In order to purchase mailing postage stamps online, you just need:

  1. A good printing device,
  2. An approved or authorized postage labels, as well as,
  3. Membership to some Online Postage company just like among many others.

Buy Stamps in Bulk Online

It is possible to buy stamps online in bulk whether in sheets or booklets depending on the quantity you may need.

USPS offers buying stamps in bulk on their website, and you can select based on your preference.

Buy stamps online UK US AU

For example, if you are interested in the pro-American stamp that celebrates the American flag, you could purchase them in bulks of 20 stamps per sheet from the USPS or an authorized vendor’s website.

Buy Stamps Online with PayPal

Can one pay for stamps online using PayPal?

Yes, PayPal has partnered with to make it possible for Paypal customers to buy US postage stamps online and print them in their Paypal accounts.

Where can I Buy Stamps Online?

Where can I buy stamps online without going to the post office?

You can buy stamps online from many places. It is now no longer mandatory to visit a post office to have your stamps.

Websites such as, give you the opportunity to order the stamps at the comfort of your home.

Buy Stamps Online From Online Stores

One of the ways you can get a good deal when buying stamps online is by buying from online stores.

You could land yourself better bulk stamp deals from individuals and business reselling their unused stamps or USPS at attractive prices especially if you are looking at Amazon and eBay.

Buy Stamps Online at PostBeeld

You can also buy stamps online at

According to you can purchase your own collectible postage stamps on the web with the aid of PostBeeld and select from a wide range of extremely sharp price ranges.

PostBeeld claims to be the biggest online postage stamp store and provides customized services.

You can choose from more than Three hundred themes or templates that happen to be conveniently organized for quick choosing.

Take advantage of the “Make Your Selection” Component and check out by means of a search term, condition, year, subject, or country.

Supplies of collectible stamps

PostBeeld provides a comprehensive variety of items.

Apart from just purchasing your postage stamps online, you can additionally choose from their variety of stamps collecting stocks, including:

  • Protector mounts
  • Assessing equipment
  • Blank albums as well as pages
  • Catalogs and also handbooks
  • Stock books
  • Magnifiers and tweezers
  • Albums together with pages meant for topical stamps

Buy Stamps Online at provides the capacity to purchase and also print out postage stamps making use of unique labels referred to as NetStamps.

Mailing with respect to NetStamps may be simply printed out by using a typical inkjet printer or possibly laser beam printer (aka laser printers).

These kinds of postage stamp labels enable you to send any kind of class of snail mail designed for either international or domestic letters or emails.

How to buy stamps online at

Below is the procedure to buy stamps online as described at

Step1: Identify the value of the Stamp

Decide on whether you actually wish to indicate the postage value for every single postage stamp, or permit to compute how much postage you’ll need.

Step 2: In the event that you specify the actual postage value:

  • Pick a domestic or global postal mail category.
  • Type in the preferred postage value that does not exceed $200. You may also, or select the button marked in order to determine prices designed for International mail.

Step 3: When computing the total amount of postage:

  • Select your personal mail piece class.
  • Type in the weight belonging to the mail piece.
  • Decide on your preferred domestic mail category.
  • As appropriate, key in package sizes and, where applicable, desired destination ZIP.
  • Additionally, you may consider purchasing USPS Special Services, by going to the button marked “Select….”

Step 4: Key in NetStamps Serialized Number

  • Type in the NetStamps sheet Serial Number, for instance, B2456, inside the specified field for the serial.
  • Work out how many postage stamps you need to get Printed out
  • Designate the quantity of NetStamps labels you would like to print out. You’ll be able to screen-print a variety of postage stamps you decide on or even print out the whole page of mailing stamps.

Step 5: Validate the particular Postage Stamps that are to undergo Printing

  • Utilizing the sneak peek provided, verify the fact that the labels that should be printed are there for screen-print onto your NetStamps sheet.
  • To be able to modify the starting up label, just click the particular content label you would like to begin with.

NB: A specimen printout is highly recommended the very first time one prints as well as every time you modify the printer, printed media, and/or printer settings.

Step 6: Print out the Postage Stamps

  • Put your NetStamps label sheet in the printer and then click the button marked “Print Postage” and watch them as they get printed.

Buy Stamps Online Amazon

If you restrict your online purchases to Amazon, then you are in luck if you are looking for postage stamps.

USPS extends its services to the Amazon online store and still offers stamps at an affordable rate more so if you are buying in bulk.

The good user ratings and reviews given by buyers are an indication of satisfaction. It is recommended to buy from a seller with a rating exceeding four stars that comes from hundreds of votes.

Some of the best-selling stamps you can buy on Amazon are:

Buy Stamps Online eBay

Just like any other product, the stamps you find in eBay will likely be from other individual and business vendors other than the de facto provider (USPS). You may bump into cheap deals.

However, it is best to rely on user reviews and ratings or a background check on the seller registered on eBay just to make sure you do not fall for poor quality or unauthentic stamps.

Buy Stamps Online Post Office & USPS

The USPS website still stands as the best place to get your stamps online. It offers a variety of stamps that come in 20-pieced sheets as well as four-piece and eight-piece versions.

If you opt for the bulk stamps, then the sheets of 20 stamps are the standard option.

USPS stamps tend to be cheaper than other authorized vendors and therefore the website ought to be your first consideration.

If you are looking for stamps outside the U.S. or you are currently outside the U.S., then online is the best place to get them.

Buy Stamps Online According to the Type

You do not have to settle for bland-looking stamps just to save costs or because they are readily available from your nearest vendor.

How about buying stamps according to type to suit a particular theme that matches your impression of the recipient? What of going vintage?

Buy Vintage Stamps Online

The best place to get some interesting vintage stamps is online stores that draw you nearer to rare stamp collectors. Etsy and eBay are the best bet, and it is likely that you will find vintage stamps that have never crossed your mind.

For instance, you could find one with Paul Reverie on his horseback lifting a Quaker Hat.

Other online stores include TreasureFox, Pack and Post, and Verde Studio.

Buy Vatican Stamps Online

If you are the kind that pays homage to the Vatican or adores the religious and historical aspect of the Vatican or has a recipient that you think aligns their preferences with the Vatican then why not send them a mail with Vatican stamps on it?

Finding Vatican stamps online can be a problem since the official Vatican postal services do not seem to sell them on their internet portal.

However, you can begin your search with eBay which lists numerous sellers offering Vatican stamps. Or if not, you could visit PostBeeld and VaticanCityStamps.

Buy Wedding Stamps Online

If the mail you are sending is wedding-related, for instance, an invitation or a congratulatory wedding message, it is better if you separated the stamp you intend to use from the crowd.

You can shop for wedding stamps directly from USPS online shop where you can sift through a variety before you make a final choice.

Buy Christmas Stamps Online

You can also buy Christmas stamps online from any of the sellers discussed in this article.

The process of purchasing the stamps would be similar to that of purchasing any other stamps.

However, you should be keen while browsing the online portals to ensure that you order those with the right theme for Christmas festivities.

Buy Custom Stamps Online

If the wedding stamps you find for example on the USPS online shop are too generic to bring the effect you really need, you have the option of taking part in designing one by yourself.

It is like taking part in the creation process of your stamps to reflect your personality.

You personally make the stamps online and get any number of copies you may need for your postage.

Where to Get Stamps made Online

Minted provides you with an online tool to literally design your stamps online before you make a purchase. Other online authorized stores that offer the same include but not limited Zazzle and PictureItPostage.

After designing them, you can print them from your home printing machine, the nearest stationery office, or even your place of work.

Buy Stamps Online in Other Countries

If you are outside the United States and still need stamps, the internet is your best resource.

Such services as stamp purchase have been extended to the online platform in many countries around the world.

If you are in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, or even India, you have the option of buying stamps online to use for your mails.

Where to Buy Stamps Online NZ

If you are in New Zealand (NZ), your best bet of buying stamps online is the official New Zealand Post website that offers a variety of beautiful Kiwi stamps.

However, you do not restrict yourself to the official Post services if you have access to other authorized vendors such as StampCity.

Buy Stamps Online Malaysia

Malaysia seems to have a variety of stamp options when it comes to buying them online as compared to New Zealand.

Even though you could buy quality stamps from PosOnline, the official national stamp provider, there are a few other options from authorized vendors including Lelong and PostBeeld.

Buy Stamps Online Singapore

If Singapore is your current location and yet you need to send mail and other packages by postal services, then the Singapore Post Shop is the ideal place to buy your stamps without leaving your location.

You simply fill out an order form from the Online Shop, and you will soon have your stamps.

Or if not, then there are other authorized vendors distributed throughout Singapore that still offer online purchase services.

You could check out the CS Philatelic Agency, eBay Singapore, and MySam websites to buy stamps online.

Buy Stamps Online India

While in India, your first option for buying postage stamps online is India Post online shop. They provide the official stamps used in the country and are therefore the most reliable.

If you are the type that likes to try out different vendors, then StampexIndia, eBay India, and Flipkart are some reliable options.

However, I would recommend the India Post online shop just to make sure you are in safe hands when it comes to the quality and authenticity of postage stamps.

That does not imply that online stores do not have better deals.

Buy Stamps Online Australia

Where Can I Buy Stamps Online in Australia?

Interested in buying stamps online in Australia? There are many places to do that. Some of the places to get such stamps are:


This is a website by an independent merchant that facilitates the purchasing of stamps. You can get stamps on the website. The price of stamps on the site varies extensively.

The process of ordering stamps here is clearly explained with the following major points to note:

  1. The buyer clicks on a given link to make the order. An inactive price link means the stamp is no longer available.
  2. The buyer then chooses the type of image they want (generic/specific)
  3. Payments are then made after following several minor steps as indicated on the site


eBay is a marketplace For many products targeting the Australian market.

Despite selling other stuff such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and utensils, eBay Australia is the home of stamp merchants.

The process of ordering stamps here is similar to that of ordering other items on the site.

#3. Australian Postal Service –

Can I buy stamps at the Australian Post Office? Yes, Australia Post is the primary seller of postage stamps in Australia. This can be accessed through the website at

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