Does Card Factory Sell Postage Stamps?

I have been wondering if Card Factory sells stamps so I did some research to find out. After checking the website, calling two different stores, and looking through my local store’s weekly ad, it is clear that they do not sell stamps.

However, there are many other places around town where you can get stamps for your birthday cards or any other occasion!

So, does Card Factory sell stamps? Unfortunately, Card Factory does not sell stamps. You might want to try the post office.

About Card Factory

If you are looking for a business to get started, Card Factory is one of the best bets. This company offers handmade cards like Wedding cards, Birthday Cards, Thank-you cards, and more all for sale on their website.

All of their products can be personalized with your name or words that mean something to you by adding text on the front, backside, or both sides.

They also offer stickers in swimsuit fashion prints like the Hawaiian Hibiscus collection of sunglasses and seashells sets. These make great summer gifts!

One of our favorite things about this company is that they have really thorough promotions during holidays.

In October you’ll find 50% off Halloween cards, November there will be 1/2 days on all Thanksgiving cards, December has 30% off for Christmas Cards. April brings special Mother’s Day pricing.

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