Does Circle K Sell Postage Stamps: Single or Bulk?

People who shop at the various Circle K convenience stores in the US may be interested in more than just beverages and snacks. So, does Circle K sell stamps in its stores?

Yes, Circle K is one of the many international convenience stores that sell stamps in bulk. this means you can only buy a minimum of 20 Forever Stamps at a go.

History of Postage Stamps at Circle K

Initially, postage stamps were only sold by the US Post service (USPS). This meant that the USPS had to have many branches scattered all over the country to make it accessible to most of the US citizens.

The high number of USPS branches translated into a high cost of doing business, which in turn made in unsustainable. It is for this reason that the USPS closed some of its branches.

The closure of branches saw many convenience stores such as Circle K start selling stamps. Since then, Circle K has gradually made the stamps available to customers in its branches.

How to buy Stamps at Circle K

Buying stamps at Circle K should not be hard at all. All you need to do is visit the nearest Circle K store and inquire if they stock postage stamps.

Then you would have to determine the number of stamps you can buy according to your budgeted expenditure on the same.

Finally, approach any of the available cashiers and ask them to avail them to you after you have made the payment.

While Circle K has invested in stocking stamps in most of its branches, it is possible that some branches may not have them in-store.

NB: In most Circle K stores selling postage stamps, there are special counters where the stamps are sold. It is generally blue in color.

FAQs Related to Circle K postage Stamps

Here are some of the commonly asked questions regarding Circle K Postage Stamps

What types of stamps does Circle K sell?

As already stated in this article, Circle K sells Forever stamps in booklet format. This means you cannot find single stamps at Circle K.

You may also find greeting cards, postage prepaid picture cards, and presentation packs.

How much do stamps cost at Circle K?

At Circle K stores, stamp prices are the same as those you find in other convenience stores. The only thing worth noting here is that the prices given are for booklets containing 20 Forever stamps.

Does Circle K Sell envelopes?

Postal letters or cards may involve the use of envelopes. It is, therefore, worth knowing whether Circle K provides everything under one roof.

Answer: Unfortunately, Circle K does not sell envelopes. You may read our article on the best places to buy envelopes in the US.


Circle K is one of the most reliable sellers of stamp booklets as far as convenience stores are concerned.

One can visit any of the store locations to find out if they sell the stamps, then pay for the number of booklets you need.

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