Does Costco Sell Stamps (In-Store, Canada, At Discount)?

There is a lot of speculation on whether or not Costco sells postage stamps. In order to get to the bottom of this, we did some research and found the answer for you. Keep reading for more information.

Does Costco Sell Stamps In-Store?

Yes, Costco does sell stamps in-store. You can purchase them at the customer service desk near the entrance of the store.

Does Costco Sell Stamps in Canada at a Discount?

Yes, Costco does sell stamps in Canada at a discount. In addition to stamps, Costco also sells other postal products and services such as envelopes, postcards, priority mail shipping, and more.Costco postage stamps

So if you’re looking for ways to save on your mailing needs, Costco is definitely worth checking out.

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