Does Academy Sell Duck Stamps?

The Academy of Natural Sciences, one of the largest natural history museums in the United States, is a trove of knowledge and excitement.

The museum houses over 26 million specimens including plants, animals, fossils, and artifacts from five continents. One such artifact is an original 1930 duck stamp created by world-renowned wildlife artist Robert McClure.

This stamp was used to raise funds for conservation efforts – and it is one of the most popular federal stamps in the US! Did you know that during your visit you can buy duck stamps right at our front desk?

Does Academy Sell Duck Stamps?

Yes! Academy sells duck stamps.

The sale of these stamps is used to provide funding for the purchase, management, and protection of migratory waterfowl habitats throughout North America which includes places like Alaska, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and parts of Central America.

They will collect your passport information at checkout for customs clearance purposes before shipping your order to you if you are an international customer not located in the U.S., or Canada.

Academy offers a variety of stamp books and single stamps to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of customers including but not limited to hunters, fishermen, landowners, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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