Does Albert Heijn Sell Postage Stamps?

Albert Heijn is a Dutch supermarket chain, which also sells stamps. These are useful for buying gifts or sending postcards to loved ones. If you want to buy stamps in Amsterdam, head to the Albert Heijn at Van Baerlestraat 52-54.

Does Albert Heijn Sell Stamps?

Yes, you can find stamps at Albert Heijn. The Dutch company has many locations where you can buy stamps. These locations are not staffed by stamp experts; if you need to mail anything it’s best to go to the post office.

  • They are located within the health/beauty section of the store
  • The package(s) bubbles with bubbles and say “Stamps” on them
  • There is around 18 different types available for purchase which include domestic and international postage

What it says on the stamp packets is just as important as knowing where to buy them.

Stamps should be bought in an envelope with your postal address, your recipient’s postal address (if sending mail internationally), correct postage rate if sending mail internationally, sender’s name and sender’s address, recipient’s name, and recipient’s address.

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