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Does ALDI Sell Postage Stamps in the UK & US?

Aldi postage stamps

Aldi is a discount grocery retailer that operates a chain of 1670+ stores to locations across Europe and the United States. In this post, we explore if the grocery store sells postage stamps in any or all of its outlets

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Aldi Postage Stamps

The question is does Aldi sell postage stamps?

No, Aldi does not sell postage stamps because there is currently no agreement between the retail chain and the Unites States Postage Service on stocking and selling of postage stamps in any of its outlets.

However, this should not discourage you because there are many similar groceries that sell postage stamps, which you can check out. They include stores such as Amscot, Staples, Kroger & Walgreens.

The prices of stamps at these grocery stores may deviate slightly from those posted at the USPS outlets. However, the prices are generally very close to what they cost at the USPS outlets.

Also, it is worth noting that some grocery stores do not sell single stamps, but only booklets of stamps. All these should be clearly stated on the respective sellers’ postage stamp policy pages.

Aldi Alternatives for Postage Stamps

We have already stated the alternative options stamp buyers like you may have when it comes to purchasing stamps.

But if you need anything else apart from the grocery stores already listed, then you may have to consider checking out the banks, websites, and gas stations that sell stamps.

Aldi’s Primary Business

Aldi sells groceries at your favorite brands – typically 40-50% cheaper than traditional supermarket prices but without compromising safety, product quality, or selection.

So even if you miss the stamps you are looking for here, you can get more at the Aldi store outlets near you.

Gone are complicated rebate forms, scouring flyers, and ads for deals just for products you want. Come in, fill up your cart with all the fresh fruits, veggies, superfoods, and pantry necessities you need – it’s simple!

Aldi also offers more than 30 exclusive brands of organic produce to go along with their market-leading mix of great tasting.


While Aldi is a major retailer of groceries, it does not sell postage stamps and you would have to find another retailer who stocks the stamps you need. Stamp sellers may choose to specialize in either single or booklets of stamps.

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