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Does Canada Post Sell Stamps Online (New & Permanent)?

Canada Post is a Canadian postal service that provides services such as the shipping of parcels and letters and also sells stamps. Do they sell stamps online? If not, how do you buy them? Well, in this article we explore this issue in detail.

Canada Post Stamps Online

Does Canada Post sell stamps online? Yes, Canada Post sells stamps online in the form of a Postage Station, in denominations ranging from $3 to $9.00.

If a customer’s postage needs exceed the amounts available in postage stamps, they can redeem or purchase additional stamp value cards valued from $25 to$500 at their local post office.

Users have one year after purchasing stamps online before they must use them. In order to do so, customers go back to the website and click “use” instead of “buy.”

In addition, if customers are ever unsure about how much postage is needed for envelopes, these websites will automatically offer up their calculation services during checkout with a virtual scale that flips between metric and imperial units.

How to Buy Stamps from Canada Post

Step 1. Go to the Canada Post online store and browse for stamps.

Step 2. Choose how many stamps you want with the options of 5,10,25,50. The price per stamp increases as you buy more; give yourself enough for your present needs or send out birthday cards at different times of the year.

Step 3. When finished shopping, select “Checkout” on the right-hand side menu bar and enter your payment information (credit card details will be securely stored by Shopify), or if using Royal Mail click “Pay now with RSMC”.

Step 4. Select billing address if needed and ship to your address.

Canada Post Permanent Stamps

Canada Post Permanent Stamps are issued in denominations of $1, $2.50, $3, $5. They were originally issued between 1969 and 1990 with the last issue being in 2000.

Canadian postal rates changed in 1991 to stamp books that could be pre-purchased for higher discounts on postage costs with multiple stamps per package.

Some people prefer to use Permanent Stamps because they dislike stamp books or want convenience when sending mail at the post office due to lack of time or disability (i.e., can’t make it to the post office).

Canada Post New Stamps

For those persons below the age of 45, they may not know that from 1968 to 1969 Canada Post issued postage stamps carrying various images from WOW Comics and these pictures were often perplexing to adults and even professionals in the field.

These stamps bear a facsimile of the owner’s signature at the time, namely Les Tanner or LMC TANNER as he was affectionately called by his closest friends.

The intentions behind this set of laughable yet touching postage stamps are as follows:

Canada Post ordered 350 thousand copies which for printing purposes had to be done with lithographic offset technology – which required much equipment and so cost more than usual printing jobs.

The quota was eventually dropped to three million units because it became economically unfeasible.

Canada Post International Stamps

What are they and what do they cost? Where can I buy Canada Post international stamps for my next package to the USA or UK? How much does it cost to ship a parcel from Canada with Canada Post international service?

The rate for shipping a parcel from Canada with Canada Post International Services staff is about $44.00 CAD, which includes up to 2kg of content.

For every additional kilogram over 2 kilograms, the price increases by an additional $2.00 CAD each time ($2 x 3kg = total of $12).

The rates will vary depending on destination and weight according to the parameters outlined by Canada Post International Services staff.

Canada Post Collector Stamps

Canada Post offers various stamp collections for collectors. The first special stamp product was created to commemorate Canada Post creativity in 1978; it featured the Spitfire, the “Spirit of Innovation.”

The theme is introduced creatively using different colors and effects to make each issue unique. So every time you go back, there’s something new to notice!

Similarly, look out for other themes like the Canadian Winter Games (2010), Canada 150 (2017), and holidays like Christmas.

Canada Post Roll of Stamps

The new Canada Post’s roll of stamps contains six rows of three stamps. The size of the box is 19 x 11 cm, and the width of each stamp is 22mm long.

Each stamp has a perforation measurement of 1/4” approx. from left to right and 9/16″ approx. from top to bottom on the outer edge, which reveals a smaller inner circle with a perforation measurement of 3/8″ sq., or 215mm sq total per booklet over 12 pages. Each page measures 7-1/2″ x 98″.

One useful application for these new Canadian stamps now that they have been updated is as temporary tattoos, as many children love temporary tattoos with their favorite cartoon characters.

Canada Post Custom Stamps

Canada Post Custom stamps are stamps that the company produces. In addition to using pound sterling, Canada Post has been designing and producing its own stamps since 1967.

The words “Canada” and “Postage” are emblazoned large in yellow on a black background.

They regularly issue novelty stamp sheets of 12 stamps featuring weddings, children at play, animals found in different Canadian cities or regions. Products include foil-stamped clear or premium designs with hidden gems for a pop of color.

Canada Post Cost of Stamps

Canada Post has a wide range of products and product information is available at, customers can also contact their agents about costs by phone.

Pricing for specific items is determined by the type of item being shipped as well as the service being used.

Stamps Sold at Canada Post

Canada Post has a large selection of stamps available to purchase, with some being themed for more specific demographics and events. Purchasing one may depend on what you’re looking for.

Canada Post Christmas Stamps

You can definitely buy Christmas-themed stamps from the Canada Post.

It’s common knowledge that stamps are called “Rotary Endorsements” in Canada Post because they make your stamp circular.

However, the Royal Company has switched over to this system in order to simplify logistics—in accordance with their mandate to take care of business for Canadians.

The new Rotary Endorsement system also simplifies logistic problems for USPS; since USPS uses one set of production plates per year, all seasonal rotaries (e.g., Christmas) can be produced on the same plate using different endorses or ink colors.

Before getting into printing, orders that go through Canadian customs need a Canadian Customs PAD (Permit de Admissibilité à Dédouanement).

Canada Post Commemorative Stamps

The first commemorative stamp was issued in 1866, and it honored the completion of the trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.

Since then, other countries have begun issuing these special stamps to commemorate various events or people, but Canada Post has continued to issue foreign-based stamps throughout its history.

An example of one type might be a stamp for “the Battle of Okinawa” given the Battle’s proximity to Japan. The Canadian celebrity who sells his/herself at any cost can now solicit public recognition through this vehicle.

To continue our original example, Neil Young released a stamped album called Long May You Run in 1976 as part of his 25th-year anniversary celebrations commemorating an old song he wrote for Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Canada Post Chinese New Year Stamps

Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese holiday and people use stamps to post letters on this day.

Canada Post does not sell such stamps, but they can be bought from other sources like eBay or international stores for those who need them.

FAQS on Canada Post Stamps Online

How many stamps do I need in Canada?

That depends on what you’re mailing. To send a large envelope, 5 stamps are needed. Standard letter mailings require one stamp.

Automatic envelope addressing is available for 37¢ each time your letter is mailed with the option to add on an extra 3 stamps for 49¢ less than buying them at the counter or 7 stamps if they’re purchased in advance online.

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