Does Casey’s General Store Sell Postage Stamps?

Casey’s is an awesome place that not only provides customers with everything they need for their everyday diet; they also offer the opportunity to add on items such as postage stamps for when you’re going mailing letters back home.

They’ve got classic canned goods like Coca-Cola, and tapioca pudding, just to name a few! So if you’re out running errands – be sure to stop by Casey’s Food Market!

You’ll have fun browsing through all the shelves while getting everything done at once. Plus shipping is free on orders of $99 or more so you can get your shopping.

Does Casey’s Sell Stamps?

Yes, Casey’s Food sells postage stamps. In order to purchase stamps from Casey’s, you must have a valid form of identification with an address number and ZIP code.Casey's postage stamp sale

In order to purchase stamps from Casey’s in-stores, customers will need the following items in order to check-in for their purchases:

  1. Valid photo ID which contains customer address information
  2. A printer so you can print out the label template on the website or mobile app
  3. Your phone or computer so that you can scan your labels when checking out
  4. A credit card OR cash to pay for your postage purchase
  5. If paying by credit card – a minimum $10 transaction total at the time of checkout is needed at the point of sale.

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