Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?

Can you buy postage stamps at Food Lion? This article will seek to answer this question. grocery stores are suitable places for selling stamps apart from the post office. Therefore it is normal to find customers inquiring whether their favorite grocery store sells stamps.

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Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?

Yes, Food Lion does sell stamps as booklets of 20 single stamps. This means that you cannot buy single stamps at the store because they only support bulk buying.

How much is a book of stamps at food lion? At Food Lion, a book of stamps costs $11.60 because a book has 20 single stamps costing 58 cents each.

Food Lion Stamps? At Food Lion you can only find one type of stamps being sold, and that is Forever stamps.

About Food Lion

Founded in 1957, Food Lion has grown to become the second-largest retailer of food and grocery items in the United States.

Headquartered in Salisbury, North Carolina (with locations throughout much of eastern and central North Carolina), Food Lion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of relatively tiny Belgian retail company “Delhaize Group,” which operates globally.

It’s also worth noting that Delhaize Group is one of two companies currently engaged in a merger effort to create the world’s third-largest supermarket chain, with combined retail sales estimated at more than $26 billion annually.


Food Lion is one of the biggest grocery stores in the US that sells stamps in-store at an affordable price within normal business hours.

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