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Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps: Single or Bulk?

Walmart postage stamps

Walmart is probably the greatest retailer in the US, not just for home products, equipment, and tools, but also for collectibles such as stamps and coins.

So, here, we tell you more about Walmart postage stamps especially as it concerns cost, types, size, and where to buy them.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps In-store?

Yes, Walmart sells a variety of postage stamps in-store across the US and Canada.

If you wish to buy them for mailing or collection purposes, all you have to do is visit your neighborhood’s Walmart store and ask the types of stamps they have in stock.

Alternatively, if you prefer to do your shopping online, you can always visit their website and browse through the varieties hosted online and make a purchase.

In stores, the stamps tend to be sold at the front desk aisle.

Most Walmart stores open at 9 am and close at 8 pm daily throughout the week thereby giving customers a window of up to 11 hours to make their stamp purchases.

The payment method options customers can use when paying for the stamps include Debit & Credit Cards, Gift cards, PayPal, AMEX Card, and Chase pay.

If you are looking for Walmart stamps near me, then consider using their store locator.

How much is a book of stamps at Walmart?

The prices of stamps vary slightly at Walmart because they depend on the theme contained on the stamps.

Generally speaking, a book of stamps at Walmart goes for about $24.95.

Please note that browsing the Walmart website gives you an opportunity to explore the various prices of the different books of stamps.

Walmart Postage Stamps Canada

Does Walmart sell stamps in Canada?

Well, if you are looking for where to buy stamps in Canada, you will be happy to learn that Walmart Canada is one of the most reliable sellers of stamps.

In Canada, the stamp price may range between 20 and 30 CAD (Canadian Dollars).

If you prefer shopping the website you can browse to the office and supplies section to find the stamp collections. Otherwise, those sold in-store can be found at the front customer service desks in most of the store outlets.

Walmart Postage Stamp Shipping Policy

If you buy stamps physically from the neighborhood’s Walmart store, then you don’t have to worry about shipping because you simply carry them yourself.

However, those who shop from the Walmart website both in Canada and the US would definitely be concerned about how long it would take for them to receive their merchandise.

Walmart upholds its policy to deliver goods worth at least $35 free of charge within 3 days. This, therefore, means if you shop at least 2 books of stamps you would be guaranteed a free delivery done within 2 days.

This notwithstanding, Walmart still delivers the products as fast as possible within a day or two even when their value is less than $35 only that the customer would have to pay for the shipping cost.

Walmart Postage Stamps Return & Refund Policy

Let’s say you bought stamps online, got them shipped to you, but you don’t like them. Can you return them to Walmart? And would you be eligible for a refund?

Well, according to Walmart’s Support Staff, one can only return stamps if they are unused; if one has a receipt for in-store or online transactions, and if the stamps are returned within 90 days of purchase.

This is generally in line with the store-wide return and refund policy at Walmart.

Walmart Postage Stamps FAQs

In this section, we review the specific questions raised by customers about the sale of postage stamps at Walmart.

Does Walmart sell Federal Duck stamps?

Yes, you can buy Federal Duck Stamps book rolls from the nearest Walmart store. these are mostly found in Walmart Money Centers on the customer care desk.

Does Walmart sell Stamps at the Register?

Yes, in most Walmart stores, the register is located at the customer service desk where one can buy stamps including the Forever stamps in the US.

Does Walmart neighborhood Market sell stamps?

Yes, if you can access the Walmart neighborhood market, then you can comfortably buy postage stamps from the customer service staff desk that is usually located at the front section of most stores.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps at Checkout?

Yes, in some Walmart stores, stamps are placed strategically at the checkout section so that customers can buy them just before they checkout.

It should be noted that even when such is not provided for, the store staff can avail the stamps to the customer just before they checkout.

Does Walmart sell Christmas stamps?

Yes, Walmart does sell Christmas and Holiday stamps in most of the Walmart Money Centers.

Stamp Varieties available at Walmart Stores

What are some of the stamp types and designs sold at Walmart in-store and online?

Well, you can get stamps such as:

  • US Flag Forever Stamps Book Rolls
  • Made of Hearts Sheets of stamps
  • Flowers from the Gardener Strip
  • Wild Orchid Stamp Book
  • Winter Scenes USPS Forever Postage stamps