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Where to Buy Stamps in the UK – Online, Shops & Post Office

Online UK Stamps

Looking for where to buy stamps in the UK? Well, here, I explore the many places you can purchase your favorite stamps in Europe, specifically the United kingdom.

While most of our articles have focused on the US, it is important to note that stamp collection in the UK is as serious as it is in the US.

Where Can You Buy Stamps UK

Here are some of the common places you can buy stamps in the United Kingdom:

Post Office Shop

The post office is one of the many shops in London and other major cities in the country selling stamps.

They have many Google links including a postcode search where you can put ‘Post Office London’ to find more information about their products and services and locations you can buy these stamps.

Most of their hundreds of post office shops offer 1st class stamps. To easily locate a post office, visit this website: You can also a branch finder put on their logo to get a place you can buy the stamps.

Sometimes Ryman’s stationery shop normally has a post office such as the one inside Marylebone High St.

Your Hotel

If you are near or staying in a hotel, try asking if they sell stamps. You may be surprised that they have some for sale. However, the cost may vary from that of the post office or other established outlets.

You just need to ask if they have a postcard to the place you want such as to Europe.

Souvenir Shops

Other than newsagents and post offices, you can buy your stamp at souvenir shops. This kind of workshop can easily be located across the major cities in the country.

IME News Agents

Unlike post office outlets where you can get any kind of stamps you need, at this newsagent and others of the same type, they only sell a few such products.

Some of the stamps one is likely to find at these places include inland 2nd and 1st class stamps. Sometimes, you may find them in booklets of 12 or 6.

Also, the cost of second-class stamps may be somehow above the normal rate. For instance, they sell a postcard at approximately SEK 9 or £0.97.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores may also be a good place to purchase stamps. In The UK, you can purchase stamps in supermarkets such as Morrisons, Waitrose, Asda, and Sainsbury’s.

Royal Mail Group

This is one of the most prominent places where you can buy stamps in the country. They are spread across the country and you can try their website to find out more about where and at how much.

Buy International Stamps UK

The United Kingdom offers a wide range of international postage stamps. They sell them in rolls, sheets, and books online from retail outlets including in a post office.

You can pay for your ordinary International Standard parcels and letters with stamps upon request after placing your order from the post office near you.

Their online services have made it easier for purchasing stamps. Here is more information you may want to know about buying stamps in the country:

Buy US Stamps in the UK

United States stamps are found online or near the post office in the United Kingdom.  Online places selling these postage stamps include CVS, Walmart, or Amazon shop.

Buy Canadian Stamps in the UK

Canadian stamps can’t be bought in the United Kingdom. Instead, you can find international reply coupons which you can exchange for the Canadian stamps. However, this process will be very costly.

Buy French Stamps in the UK

The local United Kingdom post office may certainly sell French used internally. However, you may make inquiries at the town hall. You will be told if you can send your envelope by sending payment for the postage.

Buy Irish Stamps in the UK

Buy Irish stamps online in the United Kingdom from the website of the post office. They ship such packages to locations beyond the ROI. But, you also have the option of buying older and used Irish stamps for their collection on eBay.

Buy Stamps in the UK

Finding a post office branch in London is easy. Other stores selling postage stamps in the United Kingdom do so at the cashiers’ desk at both Waitrose and Sainsbury.  Tesco sells them from cigarette kiosks.

Newsagents including some corner shops and WH Smith stock these stamps as well.

How to Buy Stamps in the UK

You can purchase stamps from most of the places mentioned above including a post office branch or via their online shops. What you need is to find the nearest outlet to shop for single value stamp sheets such as £1, 10p, and 1p.

They are also sold in the form of stamp rolls, second-class and first-class stamp sheets, and stamp books.

Buy Postage Stamps Online UK

At both Royal Mail Shop in the United Kingdom, you can buy postage stamps online. The post office shops also offer similar services.

These two places are the most popular places known to have online platforms for selling these products. You will find the two classes of stamp sheets.

They also have international sheet stamps sold at international postal rates. Personalized stamps such as birthday cards are also found here.

They have first-class stamp collection accessories designed to ensure you deliver your product in a world-class condition.

Collectible stamps sold online are uniquely marked with British moments ranging from Pink Floyd to Star Wars.

How to Buy UK Stamps Online

Buy postage from any location in the country and get it delivered on time at these shops. The fee is paid online as well.

Cost of First Class Stamp UK

In the United Kingdom, the cost of the first-class stamp differs from one place to the other. For s large letter postage stamp, most shops will sell starting from 98p while the ordinary one goes at about 65p.

A medium parcel stamp is sold online from £5.65 and £5.70 in the physical outlets.

For a small parcel, be ready to part with about £3.35 if bought online and £3.35 across the counter.

In February this year, Royal Mail Shop increased the prices for its 2nd and 1st class stamps to sustain its service to customers. According to them, unlike other European PA, the United Kingdom stamps represented good value to warrant the increase in price.

The changes led to the rise of the first-class stamp to 65p, a 1p increase. The price for their 2nd class stamp rose by 1p as well to 56p.

FAQs on Buying Stamps in the UK

Here are a few facts about the most asked questions on buying stamps in the United Kingdom:

Can I Buy UK Stamps in Ireland?

Yes, but only online through Royal Mail. Other agents selling the same products including the post office do not sell United Kingdom stamps in Ireland.

How much is a Stamp in Europe?

On average, the cost of a 1st Class stamp is 87p in Europe while that of an average 2nd class stamp is approximated to be 67p.

How much is a First Class Stamp?

The stamp price for a large 1st class letter across the shops in the United Kingdom including the Royal Mail and post office physical and online outlets is about 98p.

Can I Buy UK Stamps in the US?

Of course yes! You can purchase United Kingdom stamps if you are staying in the United States. The best thing you have is the Royal Mail. They sell regular United Kingdom stamps on their website, and their shipping cost is pretty cheap.

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Where to Buy International Stamps: Global Stamps Near Me

buy international stamps near me

Many keep on asking the places one can buy stamps for international use. Well, I hope by the end of the article I will have the many questions you may have concerning the same.

At the end of the article, I will also seek to address any related questions as far as international stamps purchase is concerned.

As a quick preview, the best places where one can buy international stamps are:

  • United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Finance institutions such as Banks and Bank ATMs
  • Big Pharmacy stores such as Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid
  • Retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and Costco
  • Online stores and eCommerce Portals such as Amazon and eBay
  • Gas Stations
  • Stationery Supplies stores

Before we delve into how the above stamp sellers can be of help to you, let’s set some things straight for everyone by defining the context.

What is an International Stamp?

It would be unwise for me to elaborate on the areas one can buy stamps without making it clear what an international stamp is.

An international stamp is also known as an international postage stamp is a special branded piece of paper issued by authorized vendors such as postal administration or the postal office to enable the shipment of a letter or parcel from one country to another.

How does the international stamp work?

The international stamp is designed to be able to cover the shipping or postage expenses of certain weights of parcels or letters at a given cost.

For example, in 2013, the USPS released the New Global Forever First-Class Mail International Stamp that was priced at $1.10 each.

This stamp is therefore used to transfer 1-ounce letters from the US to any other country. It may also be used to transfer a 2-ounce letter from the US to Canada.

Places to buy International Stamps

Now let’s hit the nail on the head here. Below are the places where anyone can buy international postage stamps.

#1 The United States Postal Service (USPS)

The USPS is a federal institution responsible for the shipping of paces and letters in the US. It is therefore logical that they must be the primary source of international stamps in the US.

If you are looking for a place to buy the stamps then you better walk into the nearby USPS center and ask for the international stamps. This is indeed the primary source of postage stamps in the US.

I should also note here that in 2013 the USPS launched a new international stamp for First-class mail and parcels which I have already alluded to earlier in this article.

#2 Finance institutions such as Banks and ATMs

Banks are also great places one can find international postage stamps in the US. the big banks in the US just as the Bank of America sell many internationals stamps in the branches across the country.

The only disadvantage with buying stamps from the bank is the fact that most of them close early, thus may be a source of inconvenience to those who seek to buy stamps at late hours

#3 Big Pharmacy Stores

The large pharmacy stores in the country have not been left behind when it comes to selling international stamps.

In the US, you can pay a visit to pharmacy stores such as Walgreens, CVS, or Rite Aid and inquire about international stamps.

I should, however, note here that sometimes you may suffer depleted stocks in some of the pharmacy stores because, as one would expect, selling stamps is not the primary business of such stores.

#4 Retail Stores

Retail stores are known to be some of the most visited places in the US. As such they are strategic points for anyone who wishes to buy stamps.

Most have taken advantage of being close to large populations and diversified into selling peripheral products such as stamps.

Therefore depending on your city, town, or hood, you can visit any of the major retail stores such as Walmart, Target, or Costco and ask if they stock international stamps.

#5 Online Stores and eCommerce Platforms

The world today has seen people steadily shift towards online shopping because of the convenience it provides to the shopper. Therefore, it makes sense when online eCommerce giants such as eBay or Amazon stock postage stamps.

On Amazon, you can get international stamps such as Global Forever International US Postage stamps. You can explore other stamp types to buy on Amazon later on in this article.

#6 Gas Stations

You can also purchase stamps at a gas station near you. Most gas stations have also taken advantage of their proximity to a large population to stock vital products such as international stamps.

The disadvantage of gas stations is that you would have to go with the big ones. Most of the small one does not stock international stamps.

#7 Stationery Supplies Stores

Stationery supplies stores in the US have consistently embraced selling stamps as a necessary means of diversification. So it is time you paid the bookstores or office supply stores near you now!

See it makes sense for places that sell envelopes to also make the customers’ life easier by selling them the stamps they need to mail the letters overseas.

Best International Stamps to Buy

If you are looking for the best international stamps to buy, then this section is for you. Below are the best international stamps to buy on Amazon:

#1 USPS Global Forever Stamps – 1×20 or 2×10

This stamp is valid for mail 1-ounce letter at $1.15 to any international country.

As already indicated the stamp comes in two main orientations i.e. either as 2-sheets of 10 stamps each or as one sheet of 20 stamps.

The features included on the stamp may vary to include Silver Bells, Moon, Succulent, Sea Surface, Earth, and Evergreens

#2 Global Forever International US Postage Stamps Sheet

This stamp is valid for mailing a 1-ounce letter at $1.12 to any international country.

The stamp is round and has the words “Global Forever” put in a circular shape

One thing you should note is that the stamp is reusable, which means it can be used for more than one instance of international mailing.

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Stamp Vending Machines Near Me: USPS, UK & Hong Kong

stamp vending machine

Where can one find stamp vending machines nearby in the US, UK, Canada & Australia? Read this article to learn more about this topic.

We also define what a stamp machine is and how it works. Read and learn more about which post office has stamp machines installed.

What is a Stamp Vending Machine?

A stamp vending machine (a stamp machine) is a mechanical instrument that is utilized in creating and applying physical confirmation regarding postage or franking to mailed items.

They are commonly termed postage meters and they are under the regulation of a nation`s postal establishment.

A stamp machine or a postage meter carries out imprints amounts of postage while functioning as a postage stamp, a cancellation, and a dated postmark at the same time.

Hence, the meter stamp works as evidence that payment has been carried out and in a correct manner.

The stamp machine or meter stamp works as a validating tool that shows payment is made and it thus, does way with the need to purchase and affix adhesive stamps of postage materials or items.

Stamp Machine Operation

A stamp machine or a postage meter in most cases comprises a keyboard for keying in the postage, three seals, as well as, a stamping apparatus.

In the past, people had to visit a post office in order to add extra postage, but in the late 70s, Pitney Bowes invented remote meter resetting or postage by phone.

Presently, what you need is a phone or prepaid card and your postage right through the web and a direct line over the internet. The machine computes the postage concerning the dimensions and the weight of the consignment.

Following that, the letters will be run through an aperture in an automatic fashion to allow the imprinting of the postage.

Types of stamp machines (meters)

The first category regards digital print machines or meters in which postage is added by using contemporary linkage. Postage is printed by way of an inkjet cartridge utilizing a unique postage ink.

Examples of this include Canada post postal indicia, USPS intelligent mail barcode, and the royal mail mailmark®.

The other one regards mechanical meters, which are letterpress machines or meters that had to be taken to the post office for a manual resetting by a postal official.    

Stamp Machines in the US

Pitney Hill gained his first mailing system formed patent in the early 1900 and shortly after he formed the Pitney postal machine company that later became the American postage meter company.

The model M postage meter was validated in late 2002 and it was put into commercial use at Stanford later that year.

To add on that, the US postal service determines the regulations for the establishment, support, and use of postage meters for commercial and individual purposes.

Regarding the work of a postage meter, it is used to imprint an amount of postage and it works in a pretty similar fashion as a postage stamp, a cancellation mark, and at the same time a dated postmark.

The early franking worked based on manual input through the use of a crank and dye for printing on the paper. The only problem was that they could easily be tampered with in relation to the weight and price of the postage.

Stamp Machines in Canada

In Canada, one cannot purchase a postage meter like it is in the US and the UK, and this is since the Canada post does not offer lease licenses on postage meters.

Instead, they have permitted three establishments (Pitney Bowes Canada, Neopost Canada, and FP Canada) to lease meters to accepted companies. The advantage is that businesses of all sizes access a vast selection of postage meters and peripherals.

The postage meters are leased in Canada since in most jurisdictions postage is regarded the same way as currency. Thus, when in the wrong hands, a postage meter will amount to a license to print currency.

Given that, the machines are strictly regulated to ascertain that there is proper usage and this inhibits tampering by criminals and those with bad intentions.

A business can choose between a low volume, mid-volume, and a high-volume machine based on the volume of the outgoing mails of an organization.

Stamp Vending Machines in the UK

In the UK, franking machines are a means of pre-paying for postage through keeping in touch with the Royal Mail by way of having electronic communication.

This is possible since each franking machine has a business account through which an organization and its owners pay for their postage.

They accomplish this without paying physical visits to the post office and also without having a huge supply of stamps ready for use.

In the UK franking machine users set the appropriate date in a digital way and they also insert a sealed envelope this is flanked with proper postage and also depict the organization`s distinct name and impression.

The franking machines in the UK can be purchased in different sizes starting from small models that offer fundamental functions and print a moderate number of letters each day.

Increasingly, the other one regards sophisticated and larger machines that send hundreds of letters and parcels each day.

It implies that the different sizes meet the demand of all users across the UK and allows people to acquire what they can make use of well.

The support is given by the Royal Mail and this comes also with useful advice regarding how to operate and run the franking machine an also information about postage discounts.

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Stamp Machines in Australia

After the first franking machine was invented in the late 1880s, franking machines were introduced later in Australia and Postalia started manufacturing the postage metering machines in the early 20s and keeps on producing high-quality mailing equipment in their Berlin factory presently.

In Australia, the Australia post offers a 2.5% reimbursement at every time a customer makes a purchase of extra credit postage when using a postage meter.

It has to be noted that any subscriptions a dealer might rate for dispensation of the reset will not entice the refund as the repayment is expected at the period of billing for reorganization.

In Australia, numerous postage meter clients reimburse their stamp price meter dealer openly for their reorganization, but modes of disbursement differ according to dealers.

Some require that clients pay for their rest upfront before the real-time reset.

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Where and How to Buy Stamps in Bulk for Cheap

How to buy stamps in bulk

In this article, I explore the various ways one can buy stamps in bulk. In addition, the article lists the various places one can find wholesale stamps.

So, if you wish to go and resell the stamps, then this is the best resource. The article, therefore, answers the question on the best and cheapest way to order stamps in bulk

Can I buy Stamps in Bulk?

In most cases, the best approach to buying stamps is going the bulky way in trying to save postage costs. The heydays of using the post as the standard way to communicate may be gone. However, that does not make stamps come cheap either.

The shrinking stamp business has driven the U.S. Postal Service to reconsider its stamp-selling booths and give rights to a number of vendors countrywide.

There are a few options that you could exploit to get the stamps as cheap as 34¢ per stamp if you purchase in bulk other than the USPS. Indeed you can buy stamps in bulk. The question is, how or where do you buy them?

Where to Buy Stamps in Bulk

Buy Stamps in Bulk at USPS

By default, the USPS still offers some of the cheapest offers when it comes to buying stamps in bulk. I recommend them as the first option since you will be getting first-class stamp offers at some of the cheapest offers in the market.

For instance, the seashell postcard stamp goes for $34 for a coil holding 100 pieces if compared to other standard offers online that hold their prices at 45¢.

USPS is not the only option for finding favorable offers. Walmart is another option that you may need to try if USPS offices are far off.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Walmart

Walmart is an attractive store when it comes to fair-priced products and therefore bulk stamps should come at a fair price. Walmart may not offer similarly low prices as USPS. However, you still stand a chance to find some fair-priced stamps if you buy in bulk.

Bulk purchase at Walmart goes from as low as 45¢ for a sheet of 20 USPS penguin-print stamps to as high as $1.45 for stamps with wedding cake prints. If you need to look beyond Walmart, then Walgreens is a worthy stopover.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Walgreens

Walgreens may not seem like the ideal stamp vendor. However, the store earns the reputation as one of the long-standing places you can buy high-quality stamps in the United States.

They offer a small volume such as the usual four-piece sheets as well as bulk stamp offers that hold up to 100 pieces per sheet at fair prices.

Going the bulky way is the best option if you would like to save costs in the long. You may be lucky to land a $40 deal for each stamp if you buy the sheets holding 20 stamps each. If Walgreens is not for you, try out Target.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Target

If you have access to Target then you can buy your bulk stamps from the store located near you.

However, the downside is that not all Target stores sell stamps and therefore you need to confirm with your local store or the guest service if you do not need to make a personal visit.

The store is simply a vendor of standard postage stamps and therefore will not offer the cheapest bulk rates as would be buying directly from the USPS. Kroger also offers stamps in case of Target your nearest Target store does not sell stamps.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Kroger

Just like Target, not all Kroger stores sell stamps. If there is a Kroger store near you then chances are that it may not be selling stamps. You need to verify with the customer services. However, most Kroger stores sell stamps.

An advantage, in this case, is that Kroger only sells stamps in bulk, specifically the 20-stamp booklets.

The costs closely rhyme those you find at USPS and therefore Kroger could be offering the kind of prices you really need for bulk stamps.

If you need another option other than Kroger that strictly sells in bulk then Publix should be your next option.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Publix

Publix is another reputable postage stamp vendor that you can buy quality stamps at fair prices. The brand holds the reputation of offering high-quality products and therefore the stamps you get from them, whether first class or forever stamps, will be worth the value.

The economics of stamp pricing still holds at Publix just like any other vendor. Just like Kroger, you are restricted to the booklets with 20 pieces of stamps that range in the 45¢ mark. Publix may have at least 1,140 stores throughout America.

However, in case you need to add a touch of customization to your stamps, for instance with the coastal splendor of Barcelona on them, there are third-party vendors to help you come up with beautiful designs.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Barcelona

Sometimes, customization is a worthy attempt at giving your stamps a new feeling to the recipient other than the standard options offered by the postal service that most likely everyone uses.

Taking, for example, the aerial view of Barcelona and using it to develop a stamp brings the feeling of summer or being on a holiday.

A few USPS authorized vendors such as Zazzle, PictureItPostage, and PhotoStamps will deliver quality stamps customized by you at a bulk rate.

You may be at an advantage because the stamps produced by these independent vendors tend to be a better deal. This is because of the fact that your stamps are custom-designed yet at no extra cost.

Given that USPS is not the direct printer of the stamps does not necessarily imply the stamps are of lower quality.

Buy Stamps in Bulk at Berkeley

You may ditch the idea of the foreign coastal city and opt for a rather more American theme, for instance, a panoramic view of Berkeley, California, or Berkeley’s iconic structure, Captain Charles C. Boudrow House.

Zazzle gives you the tools to personally create a custom stamp with the same quality as USPS stamps at a bulk rate of $49 cents per stamp.

You may compare it with other vendors such as PictureItPostage, and PhotoStamps to strike a favorable deal.

The same should apply if you need stamps for your wedding, which are special occasions that necessitate custom-made stamps to speak the authority and importance of the occasion to the recipient of the invitation.

Buy Stamps in Bulk for Wedding

If you have a wedding underway and a list of distant friends and family you need to attend, then opting for bulk mailing is mandatory, that is unless you may require custom stamps for each recipient.

The mentioned vendors above such as Target and Kroger and USPS all have stamps tailored for weddings.

It may be that you need stamps adorned with a wedding cake or flowers. There is a variety to choose from to fill the bulk order.

However, I would recommend going with custom-made stamps, and if the budget allows, customizing each stamp according to what the recipient means to you.

Custom-made stamps are more authoritative and best of all, they set the importance of the event apart from the rest. Such options as Zazzle, PictureItPostage, and PhotoStamps can deliver beautiful, high-quality, and timely stamps to begin mailing out to your recipients.

With the current era of instant online transactions such as through PayPal, you can pay and mail your wedding invitations from the comfort of your home.

How to Buy Stamps Online With PayPal

The advantage offered by buying stamps online with PayPal is simply too good to ignore which makes it a recommended method of paying for stamps.

For instance, you will not have to pay monthly fees which may be an unnecessary cost with such intermediaries as

Most vendors have PayPal payment tools linked to their checkout pages. Assuming you purchased stamps in bulk from USPS, you have the option of using a credit card, or a bill me later, or PayPal at the checkout page.

You select the PayPal option and the checkout process takes you through the PayPal interface to take the charge. You will need to have created and confirmed a PayPal account before the checkout to complete the transaction.

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