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Stamp Vending Machines Near Me: USPS, UK & Hong Kong

stamp vending machine

Where can one find stamp vending machines nearby in the US, UK, Canada & Australia? Read this article to learn more about this topic.

We also define what a stamp machine is and how it works. Read and learn more about which post office has stamp machines installed.

What is a Stamp Vending Machine?

A stamp vending machine (a stamp machine) is a mechanical instrument that is utilized in creating and applying physical confirmation regarding postage or franking to mailed items.

They are commonly termed postage meters and they are under the regulation of a nation`s postal establishment.

A stamp machine or a postage meter carries out imprints amounts of postage while functioning as a postage stamp, a cancellation, and a dated postmark at the same time.

Hence, the meter stamp works as evidence that payment has been carried out and in a correct manner.

The stamp machine or meter stamp works as a validating tool that shows payment is made and it thus, does way with the need to purchase and affix adhesive stamps of postage materials or items.

Stamp Machine Operation

A stamp machine or a postage meter in most cases comprises a keyboard for keying in the postage, three seals, as well as, a stamping apparatus.

In the past, people had to visit a post office in order to add extra postage, but in the late 70s, Pitney Bowes invented remote meter resetting or postage by phone.

Presently, what you need is a phone or prepaid card and your postage right through the web and a direct line over the internet. The machine computes the postage concerning the dimensions and the weight of the consignment.

Following that, the letters will be run through an aperture in an automatic fashion to allow the imprinting of the postage.

Types of stamp machines (meters)

The first category regards digital print machines or meters in which postage is added by using contemporary linkage. Postage is printed by way of an inkjet cartridge utilizing a unique postage ink.

Examples of this include Canada post postal indicia, USPS intelligent mail barcode, and the royal mail mailmark®.

The other one regards mechanical meters, which are letterpress machines or meters that had to be taken to the post office for a manual resetting by a postal official.    

Stamp Machines in the US

Pitney Hill gained his first mailing system formed patent in the early 1900 and shortly after he formed the Pitney postal machine company that later became the American postage meter company.

The model M postage meter was validated in late 2002 and it was put into commercial use at Stanford later that year.

To add on that, the US postal service determines the regulations for the establishment, support, and use of postage meters for commercial and individual purposes.

Regarding the work of a postage meter, it is used to imprint an amount of postage and it works in a pretty similar fashion as a postage stamp, a cancellation mark, and at the same time a dated postmark.

The early franking worked based on manual input through the use of a crank and dye for printing on the paper. The only problem was that they could easily be tampered with in relation to the weight and price of the postage.

Stamp Machines in Canada

In Canada, one cannot purchase a postage meter like it is in the US and the UK, and this is since the Canada post does not offer lease licenses on postage meters.

Instead, they have permitted three establishments (Pitney Bowes Canada, Neopost Canada, and FP Canada) to lease meters to accepted companies. The advantage is that businesses of all sizes access a vast selection of postage meters and peripherals.

The postage meters are leased in Canada since in most jurisdictions postage is regarded the same way as currency. Thus, when in the wrong hands, a postage meter will amount to a license to print currency.

Given that, the machines are strictly regulated to ascertain that there is proper usage and this inhibits tampering by criminals and those with bad intentions.

A business can choose between a low volume, mid-volume, and a high-volume machine based on the volume of the outgoing mails of an organization.

Stamp Vending Machines in the UK

In the UK, franking machines are a means of pre-paying for postage through keeping in touch with the Royal Mail by way of having electronic communication.

This is possible since each franking machine has a business account through which an organization and its owners pay for their postage.

They accomplish this without paying physical visits to the post office and also without having a huge supply of stamps ready for use.

In the UK franking machine users set the appropriate date in a digital way and they also insert a sealed envelope this is flanked with proper postage and also depict the organization`s distinct name and impression.

The franking machines in the UK can be purchased in different sizes starting from small models that offer fundamental functions and print a moderate number of letters each day.

Increasingly, the other one regards sophisticated and larger machines that send hundreds of letters and parcels each day.

It implies that the different sizes meet the demand of all users across the UK and allows people to acquire what they can make use of well.

The support is given by the Royal Mail and this comes also with useful advice regarding how to operate and run the franking machine an also information about postage discounts.

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Stamp Machines in Australia

After the first franking machine was invented in the late 1880s, franking machines were introduced later in Australia and Postalia started manufacturing the postage metering machines in the early 20s and keeps on producing high-quality mailing equipment in their Berlin factory presently.

In Australia, the Australia post offers a 2.5% reimbursement at every time a customer makes a purchase of extra credit postage when using a postage meter.

It has to be noted that any subscriptions a dealer might rate for dispensation of the reset will not entice the refund as the repayment is expected at the period of billing for reorganization.

In Australia, numerous postage meter clients reimburse their stamp price meter dealer openly for their reorganization, but modes of disbursement differ according to dealers.

Some require that clients pay for their rest upfront before the real-time reset.

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