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How Much Do Postage Stamps Cost? [Stamp Book Prices]

postage stamp prices

A small survey shows that many people still send cards and other mail through the American post office services, which is still very much alive even in the age of advanced digital technology.

With this, many people are familiar with stamps but not postage books or booklets. A clear definition of a stamp book will then be offered in the following section.

How much do postage stamps cost? This question has been answered in this article. Read to know more about the cost of stamps in the store or post office near you!

What Determines the Cost or Price of Stamps?

The USPS is the corporation that regulates almost all issues related to stamps in the US, and it is a similar thing around the world.

Given that, the USPS offers clients stamps at a standardized rate when clients visit the nearest post office or any extension of the post office online.

postage stamp prices
Stamp Prices Vary Slightly

However, when one visits any other outlet contracted by the USPS, they will see that rates vary accordingly since outlets like Walmart or CVS will only sell stamps in terms of booklets that may not be the same at the post office.

In addition, the cost of a booklet of stamps at the post office is standard and it is only issued to those who need booklets but regular users, can always get single stamps at standard prices.

Hence, the cost of a stamp varied according to the seller and according to the type of stamp being sought at any outlet.

Cost According to Stamp Seller

Stamps Cost at CVS

CVS sells stamps as an authorized dealer contracted by the US postal service to sell stamps (at a cost) to clients.

Such clients include those that are far off from a nearby post office outlet or those that do want to buy stamps at CVS for their convenience.

Given this, at UPS the standard rate of a single stamp is far much lower ranging from cents to dollars based on the quantity you want.

A booklet of stamps costs $9.8 at the postal service, but the cost will be in excess of three or two dollars at CVS, meaning that you will end up spending about &12.8 for a stamp book.

It remains that, since CVS is contracted to sell stamps, their cost is above the normal or standard postal rate by some cents to even a dollar more.

To be precise, CVS does not sell single stamps, which means that you have to pay the full price of a standard stamp book in addition to the cost that CVS will charge you as their premium cost.

Stamps Cost at Walgreens

Walgreens is another contracted outlet that the postal service of the US has contracted or authorized to sell stamps on its behalf.

It costs more than the standard $9.8 postal service rates as the stamp books go for about $2 more, translating to about $12 for a single book of stamps.

The reason is that Walgreens avails stamps to its clients but in a different fashion as compared to the postal service.

The first thing is that the stamps are sold at a premium above the standard cost of stamps.

The other thing is that stamps at Walgreens are not sold as single stamps but as booklets of twenty stamps each.

This increases the cost of stamps for those who do not have such a big volume of letters to send.

Cost of Stamps at USPS

The USPS is the authority that is allowed by law to regulate stamp prices in the US.

It offers its clients a standardized rate of stamp prices based on whether a client wants a stamp book or single stamps.

A stamp book goes for a standard rate of $9.80 and a single first-class stamp goes for about 49 cents.

The rates will vary greatly based on the type of stamp a client wants and not the point of purchase associated with USPS like home delivery of ordered stamps.

Cost of stamp books at Walmart

The post office is the official site where you can find stamps, but Walmart and most superstores sell stamps and stamp books, and at Walmart, a stamp book goes for about $9.80, which is quite affordable by all standards.

Cost of stamp books at Kroger

What is the stamp book price in Kroger? Kroger also joins the race with Walmart and Walgreens in selling stamps, but it comes at an additional cost when you purchase them at these stores.

To add on that, the cost is always above the prescribed post office average or standard price for every stamp book.

Cost According to Stamp Types

The cost of stamps also varies according to the type of stamp that one buys and it also goes with the outlet that one buys the preferred type of stamps.

Cost of Forever Stamps

After the US postal service filed an announcement with the Postal Regulatory Commission regarding rate variations for dispatching service merchandise, the price changes took effect this year.

The new rates comprise a two-cent upsurge in the first-class mail forever stamp, and this returned the charge to $0.49.

This comes as a change since previously the price of a forever stamp beforehand the postal service was required to decrease rates by the PRC as part of the urgent extra charge elimination.

This is the standard rate across the US in all postal service retail centers and prices may vary based on the place one purchases the stamps in one of the many authorized sellers of forever stamps across the nation.

Cost of First Class Stamps

In 2021, the cost of first-class stamps that weighed 1 ounce was $0.49 at the post office retail centers and at the rate was a cent lower at $0.46.

In the case of the first-class mail letter, for each additional ounce, you will pay $0.21, The actual comparison with 2020 rates is captured in the table below.

Post office 20212020
1 oz first-class mail letter$0.49$0.47$0.46$0.47
Each extra ounce$0.21$0.21$0.21$0.21
1 oz. flat/large envelope$0.98$0.94$0.98$0.94
Each additional ounce for first-class mail (flat/large)$0.21$0.21$0.21$0.21

Cost of Second Class Stamps

A second-class stamp for mailing across the world has always been sold below the first-class stamp.

In the case of the UK, it is found that a first-class stamp rate is about 65 pounds whereas the rate of a second-class stamp costs about 55 pounds.

The rate of conveying a  large letter first class is about 95 pounds and that of transporting an identical dispatch second class will cost you about 75 pounds.

It is almost the same rating but in dollars when it comes to the US, and if the first-class stamp costs about $0.49, the second class will cost about $0.1225 lower than the first class.

Having all said, it is thus clear that the second-class rating comes below the first-class by some percentage and it is up to the client to choose his or her preferences well according to his wishes.

How Much is a Book of Stamps?

How Much is a Book of Stamps Today?

The cost of a book of stamps may vary depending on the place that it is sourced from, for instance, at a CVS store outlet, the same booklet costs a dollar less and goes for $8.80 [1].

A stamp book at a postal service outlet as of now retails at about $9.8 for every booklet since the rate of first-class postage stamps augmented to 49 cents for standard mail.stamp book prices

What is a Stamp Book?

There are single stamps and stamp books, but a postage stamp booklet is a booklet that comprises one or more small panes of postage stamps in a cardboard cover that a client can buy as a whole.

Booklets are in most cases made from sheets specifically printed for this purpose, with a thin selvage at one side of the booklet pane for binding purposes.

Having known that there is now no need to know the number of stamps that a stamp book or booklet can contain in a standard form.

How Many Stamps Are in a Book?

A standard stamp booklet or book from the US postal service comprises of 20 individual stamps.

Moreover, we need to know that, the postal service also offers postage stamps in rolls and the rolls come in 100, 3000, and 10, 000 stamps and the majority of stamp rolls contain self-adhesive stamps and can be sourced in numerous denominations.

Having known the number of stamps in a stamp book, it is good to then understand the uses of stamp books, and the next section is dedicated to that purpose.

The fact that a standard stamp book comprises twenty individual stamps poses a question regarding the use of the booklet a letter cannot in most cases consume such a large amount of stamps in one go.

The definition and the number of stamps in a booklet show that a stamp book is used for the convenience of carrying and presenting stamps in a bundle of twenty single stamps.

It allows a user or retailer to use or sell a single stamp while leaving the other stamps intact for future use, and the next section reveals whether we can buy a single stamp or a whole booklet.

Can You Buy Individual Stamps?

It is clear that the purpose of a stamp booklet has been dealt with, and thus it will be good to understand if one can buy a single stamp or a booklet containing twenty stamps at one go.

To be precise, you can buy single stamps and the determining factor is the distance or place you intend to mail your letters to since areas differ based on the cost of sending letters.

There are areas where you will need to have more than two stamps in order to meet the cost of mailing a letter to that area. Given that, it is now possible to discuss the cost of a stamp booklet in today`s American society.

How much is a Book of Wedding Stamps?

Having discussed issues about a stamp book in the previous sections, it is now good to discuss a book of wedding stamps now. A book of wedding stamps exists in a similar version as the postage stamps and a booklet comprises twenty wedding sheets.

Given that, a wedding stamp book or booklet costs approximately $43.95 and in case one orders the booklet and wants to ship, then you will need to have about $5 to receive your package.

How much is a Book of Stamps in the UK?

It is realized that, in the UK, stamps exist in first and second class, and such is the case for stamp booklets.

The first-class stamp books go for a wholesale price of £98 for large first-class stamps that come in 25 postage stamp booklets of 4.

Hence, this translates to about £24.5 for a booklet and the second class booklets will cost you much less pounds.

How much is a Book of Stamps at the Post Office?

Having known the cost of a booklet in the UK, returning to the US, we find that a standard stamp book will cost you about $9.6 at the post office and the price will vary based on the place that one purchases the book in the US other than the post office.

How much is a Book of Forever Stamps?

After updating the samp prices in January 2019, the cost of a book of Forever stamps increased to about $16.80. One may also purchase more than one book to take advantage of some discounts.

For instance, buying 5 books of Forever Stamps at once (which comes to 100 stamps in total) would cost about $77.