Australian Postage Stamps: Prices, Sale, Value & History

How much do postage stamps cost in Australia? Well, this seems to be the question lingering on many Australian stamp collectors, or any other person interested in buying stamps in Australia.

In this article, I examine the cost of valuable postage stamps in Australia.

Read below how you can find cheap or affordable stamps to post letters from Australia to other countries such as New Zealand.

What is the Price of Postage Stamps in Australia?

Until recently, the cost of sending any letter using the common-mail in Australia went up from the old price of 70 cents to the current $1.

However, discount cardholders have an opportunity to access the stamps for as little as 60 cents.

Until now, postage stamps Australia post remains one of the non-profit making organizations in the country’s economy. This is happening against the increased cost of transacting mail services mentioned above.

The firm continues to make losses even after making some increases and changes in stamp price as well as in services offered.

Similarly, there have been dramatic decreases in the volume of mails dispatched by the post lately. On average, ordinary mail takes up to six working days to be delivered to its destination.

But, for quicker services of not more than two working days, you should be prepared to part with 50 cents more.

The increase in the price of postage stamps does not include seasonal greeting cards whose cost remains as low as 65 cents for the last two decades or so.

Cheap Postage Stamps for Sale in Australia

There are cheap postage imprints in the country for purchase, but you can only find them at the Mint Australian Stamps.

Their price is typically below the real face value of the stamps. In fact, you stand to save as much as $100s if you buy from this place as opposed to purchasing from the country’s Post Office.

However, this material is slowly getting finished with time.

This financial year alone, there are times when dealers of postage stamps parted with about 80% of the product’s face value to acquire the products from established sellers of bulk mail outs.

Today, the demand for stamps has surpassed the supply by almost ten times, especially for discounted postage.

A majority of eBay sellers among others are ready to buy $1,000 worth of older stamps for as little as ~$750 off stamp suppliers.

Licenced Post Offices (P.O.s), on the other hand, are given approximately a 12% discount off the post’s face value in Australia.

It implies that $1,000 of stamps costs the licensed P.O.s $880. This is more than purchasing the products at $750.

Postage Stamps Legal Tender Australia

There are moments when firms trading in Australia use postage stamps as legal tender against the set monetary administrative regulations. The use of these stamps in that regards means that, it can be used across the country.

But, stores that reject its use will be going against the established law. That does not mean that all retailers must accept it in exchange for goods and services.

There are times when the stores prefer being paid through other legal means.

As it is today, postage stamps are used as legal tenders for the related services in the country by the P.O.s only.

Postage Stamp Cost Australia to New Zealand

If you want to send a letter to New Zealand from Australia’s postage service provider, the stamp cost will be equivalent to the value indicated on the parcel or envelope.

The price includes a similar amount for the parcel or envelope to be carried by the New Zealand Post across the Australian network. The real postage prices can differ in-store.

For post account customers in New Zealand, the required postage can slightly vary on your postage invoice because of rounding.

International mail payment for a New Zealand Post account, just like for franking machine (DPM) or Post Shop labels is GST zero-valued.

However, for the prepaid stamps or envelopes, the postage cost may come with the standard rate of GST

For this postage service, you expect to get the sent parcel or letter within the specified time.

Postage Stamps for Australia

There are several Australian postage stamps but here is an overview of the most common ways applied:

Buy Postage Stamps Online Australia

You can purchase Australian postage stamps online at Sydney Philatelics. It is one of the popular places you would get such products and services, particularly at Stamps Australia

Grahame Fudge

You don’t need to hustle when using their online platforms because they have more than 250 pages of the all-inclusive list of stamp prices.

For more information, check their manual for help on how to go about the entire procedure.

Wedding Postage Stamps Australia Post

You can save money as a couple by using the Australian post to send wedding invitations. They have electronic technology which costs less than what you expect to deliver any wedding postage stamps for your loved one.

It’s one of the most accepted ways through which you can ask your friends and family to attend your wedding event.

Personalized Postage Stamps Australia

In Australia, you can create something which is totally unique when sending a personalized stamp. You can celebrate the best moments of your life through the use of your own picture to make a Custom-made stamp.

They have a wide range of stamp sticks and designs for you to choose from when making your wedding invitation cards. Each tailor-made postage stamp has its price as well.

You are at liberty to check and see what they have in store for you.

Postage Paid Stamps Australia Post

Australian post’s postage stamps range from below $25 for five pieces to as much as $250 apiece depending on the size and nature of the envelope posted.

There are cases where one stamp costs between $25 and $50.

Priority Labels, for instance, which is a booklet of 5 costs aboutTop of Form $2.50.

A 10 stamp booklet sells at $1 for each envelope, totaling Top of Form$10.00 for the bunch.

A sheet of 2 x 50 Stamps which contains 30c goes for Top of Form about $30.00.

A roll of 100 stamps is sold at $100.00, meaning $1 for each stamp.

Postage to Australia Using Kiwi Stamps

You can use Kiwi Stamps to post or deliver documents or letters and documents via a Fast Post and Standard Post within Australia and other countries as well.

You can use this means of postage stamps for overseas, larger, and medium letters at varying prices based on the size of the posted envelope.

However, to send any letter using Fast Post, one has to accord a blue Fast Post sign label to the envelope’s top left-hand corner.

The use of a Kiwi Stamp is recommended because it gives you the convenience you need.

Each posted stamp through this means always gives you the required or much deserved worth of Standard Post when posting medium domestic letters.

You can use Kiwi Stamps for sending many other items other than letters because it’s designed for valid postage as well as most international items and all domestic parcels.

For that reason, you need both denominated stamps and Kiwi Stamps to meet the needed amount of sending an item when using this means of postage.

Valuable Australian Postage Stamps

You can buy the most valuable and expensive postage stamps in Australia online. They are auctioned at Visiting this site will help you have a view of the many prized stamps ever found in the country.

In the last year, one type 3 modern rarity MNH scarce plus 30c emergency Adelaide CPS 5v strip sold as much as $5,750.00.

A complete 15 set of first WM goes as far as $5,871.01. For a WM superb marginal uncounted mint of L2 Cof, you need a whopping $6,439.18.

These are just but a few valuable postage stamps you expect to find in the country.

Postage Stamp Size Australia

Australia’s largest postage stamp size comes in four typical proportions which are found in self-adhesive coils and booklets as well as gummed sheets.

There is a 37.5 mm x 26 mm stamp size used in the country for the 60c Small letter rate.

They are designed in various patterns including 60c Tea Tree Oil, 60c Macadamia Nuts, 60c Australian Honey, and 60c Eucalyptus Oil.

For gummed sheet stamps, there are sheets that contain four 10 flat shreds coupled with more eucalyptus stamp on the envelope’s end.

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